Who actually uses Beard Products?

There was a time, not so long ago, when people posed the same question about cologne and the subsequent spin-off, deodorants. Initially, these products designed to mask the smell of body odour was scoffed at and even frowned upon. “Vanity, I say, vanity!”

Yet here we are today, where the lack of some sort of body odour masking agent sees noses being pulled up, literally.

It goes without saying then, that a part of your body (yes, we believe that your beard is an extension of you), that absorbs smells from its environment, deserves the same, if not better care, than your armpits!

It’s not like you are walking around with those in everyone’s faces the whole day. Well, we hope not...

Also, bear in mind, that Beard Products cover a wide (and ever widening) spectrum of products, some not geared towards fragrances, but maintenance in general.

That brings us back to the question; “Who actually uses Beard Products?”

Reflecting back on the cologne/deodorant example above, that question will soon be changing to “Who doesn’t use Beard Products?”

If you have a beard, massive or fledgling, patchy or full, shaped and trimmed or caveman-free, then YOU should be using some sort of grooming product on it.

As the proud owner of a beard, you belong to that brotherhood of men that chose to go against society’s insistence on shaving and making you look like a little boy.

Now live up to the responsibility that comes with that!