Shaving oil over gel or cream?

For the uninitiated, this is normally the question they ponder on when it comes to shaving oil.

That and; “Isn’t it thick and well, oily?”


Let’s start from the top, why oil over gel or cream.

Have you looked at the ingredients description on your favourite shaving gel or cream lately?

Do you understand some of the names listed on there? Heck, we don’t always.

There sure are a lot of “X’s” and “Z’s” in those long names though.

Those things are generally preservatives and stabilisers.

Take for instance Methylparaben, a common ingredient in shaving gels. Studies (read about that here and here) have indicated that this component when exposed to sun, can lead to increased skin aging and DNA damage. References here.

Well if you live in a sunny country, like South Africa, sun exposure is inevitable…


In general, these are things that you would not normally put on a sensitive part of your body (or any part for that matter).

So why would you then scrape the top layer of skin from your face and allow those chemicals to be absorbed into a now vulnerable area?

You wouldn’t consciously do that…


4 Larks Shaving oil is not only made from 100% natural ingredients, but from ingredients that are nourishing and protective to your skin. It will thus moisturise and protect your skin.

Given the low comedogenic rating of the oils used (read our blog post on these ratings), it is not thick and won’t clog your pores.

As you shave, the oil will help your blades glide over the skin, making shaving easier, smoother and closer. At the same time, you are also coating those blades with oil, protecting and keeping them sharper for longer, which relates back to savings on blades!


Given that you use less oil per square centimeter than you would cream or gel, the oil also lasts longer, further compounding your savings. Win-win.

The neutral fragrance allows you to follow it up with your favourite 4 Larks product; a range that is expanding.


Next time that you want to shave, read that label!