Beard products: Why would you need to use it?

This is a question that comes up every so often and rightly so. Why in all the ages that men have been growing beards, should we all of a sudden start using products on them? The simple answer is; “Because we can!”

More importantly though; “Because we should!” So let’s briefly go into why we should. Your beard is exposed to the elements every day and on top of that, absorbs smells and odours from its environment. This can leave it dry, split, hard and at times not smelling as fresh as it should. Also, the shampoos and shower gels generally available on the market can be harsh and although rated as safe for your hair, it’s doubtful whether it is really any good for it.

Then there is the drying effect of Air-conditioning, the effects of the sun, windburn etc. Let’s not even go into climate change…

The list of threats to the state of your beard can get exhaustive. So what can you do about it? Well, you can stay indoors without aircon forever or maybe shave, if you feel that the weight of manhood is too much for you to bear…

No? Then man up and take pride in your beard by taking care of it! Extensions to our range will be coming soon.

These are all geared to help you craft your beard.